FastJet Boost 2010 tutorial

First try out the FastJet quick start guide.

FastJet boosted tools are under development. Some of the interfaces are still a bit ugly and will evolve over time. These pages illustrate how to use some of the tools that are out there.

For now, download some extra pieces (mostly taken from the FastJet tools page) and a Makefile:

  1. UWEvent.hh for reading Seattle workshop text-format files, and some actual event files, e.g. pythia64-tuneDWT-lhc7-ttbar2hadrons-pt0700-0800.UW.gz and look at its contents []
  2. Try out some basic jet clustering on it [].
  3. Get the JHTopTagger.hh, and a helper class Range.hh [,].
  4. Try an alternative top tagger, CMTopTagger.hh and yet another helper class CASubJet.hh [].
  5. Use the CASubJet class directly (e.g. for two-body reconstruction), and clean up the jet with the Filter.hh and [].