FastJet  3.3.3
09 - adding user information to a fastjet::PseudoJet

This example illustrates how it is possible to associate user-defined information to a fastjet::PseudoJet (beyond the simple user index), using a class derived from fastjet::UserInfoBase.

Note that in this example we have chosen to use this user-defined information to obtain properties of the constituents of the reconstructed jet (e.g. if the event is made of a hard interaction and pileup, what part of the reconstructed jet comes from the hard interaction). To do that, we also show how to introduce a user-defined fastjet::Selector. For some applications, it might also be useful to define new recombination schemes using the extra information.

run it with : ./09-user_info < data/Pythia-dijet-ptmin100-lhc-pileup-1ev.dat

(Note that this event consists of many sub-events, the first one being the "hard" interaction and the following being minbias events composing the pileup. It has the specificity that it also contains the PDG id of the particles)

Source code: