FastJet 3.4.2
12 - boosted Higgs tagging (old version)

fastjet example program, illustration of carrying out boosted Higgs subjet ID analysis

It illustrates two kinds of functionality:

  • following the decomposition of a jet into pieces
  • following information on a b-tag through the jet

This kind of functionality was used in arXiv:0802.2470 (Butterworth, Davison, Rubin & Salam) for boosted Higgs searches, and related functionality was used in arXiv:0806.0848 (Kaplan, Rehermann, Schwartz & Tweedie) in searching for boosted tops (without b-tag assumptions).

Note that this example is deprecated — see for the newest version — so it is not built by default

run it with : ./12-boosted_higgs-old < data/HZ-event-Hmass115.dat

Source code: