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fastjet::Subtractor Class Reference

Class that helps perform jet background subtraction. More...

#include <fastjet/tools/Subtractor.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 Subtractor (BackgroundEstimatorBase *bge)
 define a subtractor based on a BackgroundEstimator
 Subtractor (double rho)
 define a subtractor that uses a fixed value of rho, the background pt density per unit area (which must be positive)
 Subtractor ()
 default constructor
virtual ~Subtractor ()
 default dtor
virtual PseudoJet result (const PseudoJet &jet) const
 returns a jet that's subtracted
virtual std::string description () const
 class description

Protected Attributes

 the tool used to estimate the background if has to be mutable in case its underlying selector takes a reference jet
double _rho
 the fixed value of rho to use if the user has selected that option

Static Protected Attributes

static const double _invalid_rho = -numeric_limits<double>::infinity()
 a value of rho that is used as a default to label that the stored rho is not valid for subtraction.

Detailed Description

Class that helps perform jet background subtraction.

This class derives from Transformer and makes use of a pointer to a BackgroundEstimatorBase object in order to determine the background in the vicinity of a given jet and then subtract area*background from the jet. It can also be initialised with a specific fixed value for the background pt density.

Input conditions

The original jet must have area support (4-vector)


The underlying structure of the returned, subtracted jet (i.e. constituents, pieces, etc.) is identical to that of the original jet.

Definition at line 59 of file Subtractor.hh.

Member Function Documentation

PseudoJet fastjet::Subtractor::result ( const PseudoJet jet) const [virtual]

returns a jet that's subtracted

jetthe jet that is to be subtracted
the subtracted jet

Implements fastjet::Transformer.

Definition at line 44 of file

Member Data Documentation

const double fastjet::Subtractor::_invalid_rho = -numeric_limits<double>::infinity() [static, protected]

a value of rho that is used as a default to label that the stored rho is not valid for subtraction.

Definition at line 99 of file Subtractor.hh.

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