FastJet  3.2.2
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fastjet::JHTopTaggerStructure Class Reference

the structure returned by the JHTopTagger transformer. More...

#include <fastjet/tools/JHTopTagger.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 JHTopTaggerStructure (std::vector< PseudoJet > pieces_in, const JetDefinition::Recombiner *recombiner=0)
 ctor with pieces initialisation
const PseudoJetW () const
 returns the W subjet
PseudoJet W1 () const
 returns the first W subjet (the harder)
PseudoJet W2 () const
 returns the second W subjet
const PseudoJetnon_W () const
 returns the non-W subjet It will have 1 or 2 pieces depending on whether the tagger has found 3 or 4 pieces
double cos_theta_W () const
 returns the W helicity angle
- Public Member Functions inherited from fastjet::CompositeJetStructure
 CompositeJetStructure ()
 default ctor
 CompositeJetStructure (const std::vector< PseudoJet > &initial_pieces, const JetDefinition::Recombiner *recombiner=0)
 ctor with initialisation
virtual ~CompositeJetStructure ()
 default dtor
virtual std::string description () const override
virtual bool has_constituents () const override
 true unless the jet has no pieces (see also the description of constituents() below)
virtual std::vector< PseudoJetconstituents (const PseudoJet &jet) const override
 return the constituents (i.e. More...
virtual bool has_pieces (const PseudoJet &) const override
 true if it has pieces (always the case)
virtual std::vector< PseudoJetpieces (const PseudoJet &jet) const override
 returns the pieces
virtual bool has_area () const override
 check if it has a well-defined area
virtual double area (const PseudoJet &reference) const override
 return the jet (scalar) area.
virtual double area_error (const PseudoJet &reference) const override
 return the error (uncertainty) associated with the determination of the area of this jet. More...
virtual PseudoJet area_4vector (const PseudoJet &reference) const override
 return the jet 4-vector area.
virtual bool is_pure_ghost (const PseudoJet &reference) const override
 true if this jet is made exclusively of ghosts. More...
void discard_area ()
 disable the area of the composite jet More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from fastjet::PseudoJetStructureBase
 PseudoJetStructureBase ()
 default ctor
virtual ~PseudoJetStructureBase ()
 default (virtual) dtor
virtual bool has_associated_cluster_sequence () const
 returns true if there is an associated ClusterSequence
virtual const ClusterSequenceassociated_cluster_sequence () const
 get a (const) pointer to the parent ClusterSequence (NULL if inexistent)
virtual bool has_valid_cluster_sequence () const
 returns true if this PseudoJet has an associated and still valid ClusterSequence. More...
virtual const ClusterSequencevalidated_cs () const
 if the jet has a valid associated cluster sequence then return a pointer to it; otherwise throw an error
virtual const ClusterSequenceAreaBasevalidated_csab () const
 if the jet has valid area information then return a pointer to the associated ClusterSequenceAreaBase object; otherwise throw an error
virtual bool has_partner (const PseudoJet &reference, PseudoJet &partner) const
 check if it has been recombined with another PseudoJet in which case, return its partner through the argument. More...
virtual bool has_child (const PseudoJet &reference, PseudoJet &child) const
 check if it has been recombined with another PseudoJet in which case, return its child through the argument. More...
virtual bool has_parents (const PseudoJet &reference, PseudoJet &parent1, PseudoJet &parent2) const
 check if it is the product of a recombination, in which case return the 2 parents through the 'parent1' and 'parent2' arguments. More...
virtual bool object_in_jet (const PseudoJet &reference, const PseudoJet &jet) const
 check if the reference PseudoJet is contained the second one passed as argument. More...
virtual bool has_exclusive_subjets () const
 return true if the structure supports exclusive_subjets.
virtual std::vector< PseudoJetexclusive_subjets (const PseudoJet &reference, const double &dcut) const
 return a vector of all subjets of the current jet (in the sense of the exclusive algorithm) that would be obtained when running the algorithm with the given dcut. More...
virtual int n_exclusive_subjets (const PseudoJet &reference, const double &dcut) const
 return the size of exclusive_subjets(...); still n ln n with same coefficient, but marginally more efficient than manually taking exclusive_subjets.size() More...
virtual std::vector< PseudoJetexclusive_subjets_up_to (const PseudoJet &reference, int nsub) const
 return the list of subjets obtained by unclustering the supplied jet down to nsub subjets (or all constituents if there are fewer than nsub). More...
virtual double exclusive_subdmerge (const PseudoJet &reference, int nsub) const
 return the dij that was present in the merging nsub+1 -> nsub subjets inside this jet. More...
virtual double exclusive_subdmerge_max (const PseudoJet &reference, int nsub) const
 return the maximum dij that occurred in the whole event at the stage that the nsub+1 -> nsub merge of subjets occurred inside this jet. More...

Protected Attributes

double _cos_theta_w
 the W helicity angle
- Protected Attributes inherited from fastjet::CompositeJetStructure
std::vector< PseudoJet_pieces
 the pieces building the jet
 pointer to the 4-vector jet area


class JHTopTagger

Detailed Description

the structure returned by the JHTopTagger transformer.

See the JHTopTagger class description for the details of what is inside this structure

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