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fastjet::Transformer Class Referenceabstract

Base (abstract) class for a jet transformer. More...

#include <fastjet/tools/Transformer.hh>

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Public Types

typedef PseudoJetStructureBase StructureType
 A typedef that is needed to ensure that the PseudoJet::structure_of() template function works.

Public Member Functions

 Transformer ()
 default ctor
virtual ~Transformer ()
 default dtor
virtual PseudoJet result (const PseudoJet &original) const =0
 the result of the Transformer acting on the PseudoJet. More...
virtual std::string description () const =0
 This should be overloaded to return a description of the Transformer.
- Public Member Functions inherited from fastjet::FunctionOfPseudoJet< PseudoJet >
 FunctionOfPseudoJet ()
 default ctor
virtual ~FunctionOfPseudoJet ()
 default dtor (virtual to allow safe polymorphism)
virtual std::string description () const
 returns a description of the function (an empty string by default)
PseudoJet operator() (const PseudoJet &pj) const
 apply the function using the "traditional" () operator. More...
std::vector< PseudoJetoperator() (const std::vector< PseudoJet > &pjs) const
 apply the function on a vector of PseudoJet, returning a vector of the results. More...

Detailed Description

Base (abstract) class for a jet transformer.

A transformer, when it acts on a jet, returns a modified version of that jet, one that may have a different momentum and/or different internal structure.

The typical usage of a class derived from Transformer is

SomeTransformer transformer(...);
PseudoJet transformed_jet = transformer(original_jet);
// or
vector<PseudoJet> transformed_jets = transformer(original_jets);

For many transformers, the transformed jets have transformer-specific information that can be accessed through the


See the description of the Filter class for a more detailed usage example. See the FastJet manual to find out how to implement new transformers.

Definition at line 71 of file Transformer.hh.

Member Function Documentation

◆ result()

virtual PseudoJet fastjet::Transformer::result ( const PseudoJet original) const
pure virtual

the result of the Transformer acting on the PseudoJet.

this has to be overloaded in derived classes

originalthe PseudoJet input to the Transformer

Implements fastjet::FunctionOfPseudoJet< PseudoJet >.

Implemented in fastjet::Subtractor, fastjet::RestFrameNSubjettinessTagger, fastjet::Pruner, fastjet::MassDropTagger, fastjet::JHTopTagger, fastjet::Filter, and fastjet::CASubJetTagger.

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