Release of FastJet 3.4.0, (latest stable release) 25 June 2021 (release notes).
This is a main release of FastJet. The main new feature of FastJet-3.4.0 is the support for thread safety (through the --enable-thread-safety configure option). Other additions include facilities to get/set the seeds used to generate ghosts for jet area calculations and a new interface for background estimation. See the full release notes for details. Download
Latest stable release of fjcore (v3.4.0), 25 June 2021
Lightweight access to the core FastJet functionality (PseudoJet, JetDefinition, ClusterSequence and Selector).
It consists of just two files, fjcore.hh and, which can easily be included in 3rd party projects. Compile time: a few seconds. A fortran interface and basic examples are also included in the distribution. Download size: 75k.
Release of FastJet Contrib 1.051, 1 March 2023.
A package of contributed add-ons to FastJet. This release brings the new KTClusCXX contrib, v.1.0.1 (a C++ reimplementation of the old Fortran KtClus package) and updates LundPlane to v.2.0.3 (fixing missing header installation). FastJet contrib 1.047 upwards now requires c++11 support in the compiler (if using g++ it should be version 5.1.0 or later). Direct download.