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    General questions
  1. Why is this page so empty? [answer]
  2. What jet algorithms are available via FastJet? [answer]
  3. Will clustering results change between releases? [answer]
  4. Will the FastJet API change between releases? [answer]

  5. Handling of special cases
  6. How does FastJet handle degenerate clustering distances? [answer]
  7. How does FastJet handle massive particles with zero transverse momentum? [answer]
  8. My area calculation throws a FastJet exception. Why does this happen? [answer]
  9. Area calculations are very slow with SISCone. Why? What can I do about it? [answer]
  10. My passive area calculation with the kt algorithm does not depend on the ghosts. Why? [answer]

  11. UE/pileup estimation and subtraction
  12. When calculating underlying-event or pileup densities, may I use any jet algorithm? [answer]
  13. Does the jet algorithm used for calculating the UE/pileup density have to be the same as that used for the rest of my analysis? [answer]

  14. Compilation, etc.
  15. Do I need CGAL to run FastJet? [answer]
  16. What versions of CGAL are compatible with FastJet? [answer]
  17. GCC gives some compilation warnings, should I worry? [answer]
  18. How do I configure a 32 bit build on a 64 bit machine [answer]
  19. Can I use FastJet from within ROOT? [answer]
  20. How do I check for FastJet with autoconf? [answer]
  21. Why don't I have permission to access some FastJet components after installation? [answer]

  22. New stuff, credits, etc.
  23. I have developed a plugin for the XYZ jet algorithm. Can/should it be included with FastJet? [answer]
  24. How should I refer to FastJet and its algorithms? [answer]